Supply Teaching


All you need to know about Supply Teaching


Supply teachers and support staff are a vital part of schools running effectively as well as a great way for Head Teachers to meet potential long-term or permanent members of staff. 


Supply teaching with Career Teachers can offer excellent benefits:


  • Gain experience in different schools 
  • Opportunities to build links with individual schools to gain regular work or long-term positions 
  • Support with Continuing Professional Development with free training courses 
  • Interview & lesson planning support 
  • Ability to be flexible to incorporate other careers/studies etc. 
  • Excellent rates of pay 
  • Agency Worker Regulations compliance ensuring you receive equal treatment on pay and conditions after a 12 week qualifying period. 

FAQs about Supply Work


Will I always get a call in the morning or can I get booked in advance? 

Although we do require teachers and support staff to cover emergency absences, many of our schools book in advance and, once you are established in schools, many will request you back up to a week in advance. If you are called with a booking in the morning we will contact you as early as possible so please be up and ready from 7 am.


Does supply work mean daily cover?

In many cases you will be booked for one day at a school, but often the school will need cover for a week or more. 


Will I have to prepare work for the classes? 

We advise all our teachers to have back-up work however, in most cases the school will provide you with lesson plans or guidance of what to teach. It is essential that you teach the work you have been set by the school. 

How do I get lots of work as a supply teacher/support staff?

Have your phone on loud and answer when we call. If this isn’t always possible then have an answer phone for when you are unable to pick up the phone.  


Keep us up to date when travelling to your job, arrive on time, and dress smartly. Most importantly, do the best job you can do; follow plans, take instructions from staff you’re working with, manage the classroom, mark work properly and leave feedback. Be respectful to both pupils and staff and enjoy yourself! If schools like what you do, they will quickly ask for you to come back.  


If you would like to register with Career Teachers for supply work then please send an up to date CV to or call 0800 141 3387 for more information.


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