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Career Teachers has a range of opportunities for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) within both Mainstream and SEND schools. Our experienced team understands the importance of starting your teaching career in a position that allows you to complete your Early Career Teachers year within a supportive school environment in a convenient location. Click here to view all our jobs for ECTs.


ECT Primary Teacher – September 2024

Newham, London

£32000 - £35000 per annum

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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Teacher

Bolton, Greater Manchester

£30000 - £46525 per annum

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Early Career Teacher (ECT) – Rotherham

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

£110 - £130 per day

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Early Career Teacher (ECT) – Doncaster

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

£12 - £130 per day

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ECT (Early Career) Teacher – Sheffield

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

£110 - £130 per day

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Teacher of Science

Manchester, Greater Manchester

£30000 - £46525 per annum

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ECT Secondary Teachers

Derby, Derbyshire

£120 - £140 per day

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Early Career Teachers

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

£120 - £180 per day

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Primary School ECT – Hillingdon

Hillingdon, London

£36000 - £37000 per annum

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English Teacher

Crewe, Cheshire

£30000 - £46525 per annum

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Early Career Teacher Jobs



Why would I choose to send my CV to an education recruitment agency when I could apply to schools directly?


We would advise that you do both. The most important thing is that you find the right teaching job for you. Schools will advertise for teachers themselves, but some will come to an agency to advertise and recruit on their behalf. By registering with an education agency, you are simply spreading out your options to a wider audience of Head Teachers.

What are the benefits of registering with Career Teachers as an ECT?


We have excellent relationships with a range of Primary, Secondary and SEND schools throughout the UK.


Once you have registered with Career Teachers we will be able to speak to Head Teachers and decision makers in schools directly about your experiences and why you are the right person for the job. Consultants will be able to apply for multiple teaching jobs on your behalf without you needing to complete a vast number of lengthy application forms.


We have a fantastic in-house training and development team of experienced teachers and ECT mentors who will be on hand to assist you with interview preparation, lesson planning support and trial day guidance. We also have a wide range of CPD training available to all teachers and support staff once they start working with us. 

How can we support you?


  • Access to ECT positions that schools may not have advertised through the larger education press
  • Support to find a long-term – permanent position to complete your ECT induction
  • Positions across Greater London and the Home Counties
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • ECT training and networking evenings giving advice and support for starting your teaching career
  • Free professional development training and access to teaching resources


If you have never thought of finding a job through an agency then it might be worth contacting your nearest branch, where you will be able to speak to an experienced education consultant. Whether you choose to work with us or not, our highly experienced team of recruiters, ex-teachers and training professionals will be able to give you some great advice to get your teaching career started. Please email a copy of your CV to and we will get in touch.


To learn more about key education trends that graduates and Early Career Teachers need to know, click here.


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Why join Career Teachers?


What our candidates say about Career Teachers


“I started working with Career Teachers alongside my studies at university, having the flexibility to choose your availability and even catering to half days was perfect for balancing my education and work. Nathan made would always communicate very clearly so it made the process very smooth and enjoyable, and he would make sure to support any queries or suggestions I had! Excellent company to work for and perfect for starting off and developing your teaching career.”


Nanija, Early Career Teacher 

“I strongly recommend this agency, I gained a lot of experience and confidence in my first year of teaching, and through this agency I secured my first permanent role alongside starting my ECT. I had Megan as my consultant throughout my time at Career Teachers and she was very helpful with any questions or worries I had.”





Sarah, Early Career Teacher 

“I started doing teaching agency work alongside my teaching studies at university. Career Teachers have been so good at finding me work in my area that fits around my schedule and has helped me gain so much experience and build my confidence teaching a wide range of abilities and ages. Couldn’t recommend the agency enough for anyone wanting to work with children.”




Frankie, Early Career Teacher 

“I started working with Career teachers while in my second year at university. I’d say one of the best things about working with this company is the complete flexibility. I could work whenever I had free time. I also got given options of where best suited me to work. It was also made easy to move to continue working with Career teachers even in different cities. I will definitely be working with Career teachers again in the future and recommend them!”


Mia, Early Career Teacher 

“I have just started with Career Teachers. So far, it’s been very good. Stuart and Emily have been very professional and easy to talk to as well. There are also adequate shifts available for me that fit my university schedule quite nicely, which is also really good!






Chinwe, Early Career Teacher 

“I joined Career Teachers while studying my master’s degree. I dealt with Nathan from the start of my application and throughout my time here. Nathan has been absolutely fantastic and made the experience very smooth. Thank you, Career Teachers! I would recommend them and Nathan.”





Liv, Early Career Teacher 

“As a student, Career Teachers has been amazing at managing my flexibility. The application process was really quick, and I was able to find work really easily through my contact. As my contact, Ben has been so lovely and informative in answering any questions I might have and always finds opportunities for me.”





Emily, Early Career Teacher 

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