The Candidate of the Term and Candidate of the Year Awards are presented in appreciation of the dedication and hard work our teachers, teaching assistants and support staff deliver day in day out to schools across the UK.

Your resilience and passion for educating students, delivering engaging and creative lessons and 1-1 support across a range of Primary, Secondary and SEND Schools is an inspiration to us. Because of this never-tiring-enthusiasm and work ethic, we want to do more than just thank you. We want to reward you with the Career Teachers Teacher Awards.

How do the Career Teachers awards work?


Schools who work with Career Teachers receive a nomination survey, where they will be able to nominate a member of their supply staff (Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Learning Support Assistant) who they feel have gone above and beyond in their role to support the school.


The award will then be announced once a term, and those who have won will then be entered into the Candidate of the Year award.

Who can schools nominate?


Schools can nominate anyone working at school from Career Teachers whether this is a Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Learning Support Assistant. We know how much schools appreciate all the supply staff who help make the school a safe, engaging and welcoming place to learn and work, so this is their chance to show their appreciation and thanks.

Where can schools nominate?


Schools will be sent an email explaining the awards, along with a link to the survey. However, schools can also submit their nominations here.

Terms and Conditions


  • Nominations are accepted from staff at schools who work with Career Teachers at the time of nomination.


  • Nominees are accepted if they are a teacher and support staff supplied by Career Teachers at the time of nomination.


  • The winner Candidate of the Term is judged by local Career Teachers’ office consultants and is based on the quality of how nominations demonstrate how the nominee goes above and beyond in their work.


  • The winner of Candidate of the Year award is judged by the Career Teachers’ senior leadership team and is based on the quality of the how the nomination demonstrates how the nominee goes above and beyond in their work.


  • It is the sole responsibility of winners to redeem their gifts according to the terms and conditions of the gift voucher provider. Full voucher terms and conditions will appear on the gift voucher including expiry dates and how to redeem gifts.